How to hike with kids? Our weekend adventure.

Hiking with kids can be an awesome time and a great way to bond as a family. It is a great way to get them connected to the outdoors at a young age, but it can also be intimidating for the parent planner.

After such a long lockdown it was a great challenge to get the kids out on the trail. It teaches us to appreciate and enjoy nature. Everyone can hike. Last weekend we started with a small hike, as kids don’t get tired. I think it is a great way to encourage them to hike. 

For at least the first few times, I advise you, to select a hike that isn’t too long or too strenuous – remember that for kids, the hike is about the experience. Picking a trail that has some features – be it a lake, stream, waterfall or something else will keep kids occupied and give them a goal to reach. Kids are natural explorers and want to pick up and touch everything. This is one of the greatest things about hiking – there’s so much of the natural world for kids to discover and examine – make sure they have time to get their wilderness fill.

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Final thoughts:

A hike in the woods is a balm to the soul. You know that, but it isn’t the kind of thing you can explain to a kid. You just have to do it over and over until they understand it intrinsically, without even knowing they’ve absorbed the lesson.

This last week, we had a really short hike through the woods, and it was a hike between our lunch and dinner, and we picked only a few snacks with us. But if you go for a whole day hike, then you need to prepare properly in terms of different snacks for kids. They love to take several stops to eat and enjoy the time there.

Make it fun! The key to hike success is to keep the kids motivated and having fun – so why not combine the two? Create games that you and your children can play out on the trail. There are a few hiking games for kids that we have found work well. They don’t take any equipment so they are perfect.

Storytelling is a great way to connect with your kids. Ask each kid questions and from there put a story together.

Talking While Hiking With Kids. This one works great with our older son. He tends to get really fixated on topics, so if we talk to him about them he will hike for hours.

Your kids are going to get thirsty and so are you. Make sure you have brought as much water as you can carry comfortably.

Having the right hiking shoes for kids is very helpful. With the right shoes they may not trip and fall as much, lose their shoes, or have to worry about getting them wet or dirty.

Start a family tradition of going hiking one or more times a month. Kids love the sense of adventure and doing something new. There’s a wide range of trails, terrain and sights for children to behold. With kids spending a good chunk of their time indoors during the week, hiking on the weekend is a perfect way to get them outside – be it an urban park or wilderness area trail.

Hiking with kids can be so fun and such a great family bonding experience so we recommend going for it! 

Other half of the day we spent on a beautiful rural house, with splendid views, domestic animals, and it was a rewarding experience for our kids after the short hiking in the woods.



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