10 iconic places to visit in Barcelona, now with virtual tours.

There was some time, you dreamy of a trip to Barcelona. Or, maybe you visited this beautiful city and want to come back and enjoy it again. During these times, you don´t know when you will travel here again, that is why I propose to you 10 iconic places to visit in Barcelona, that you can visit online through a virtual tour.

  • Street views in Barcelona

On this site you can find all the streets in 360 degrees. And even some of the iconic architectures inside. I enjoyed watching every picture, even if I have seen these places lots of times.


  • Sagrada Familia

No travel is complete without visiting the most authentic architecture of the city, Sagrada Familia. I was twice inside this church, and every time discovered new things for me. I enjoyed watching this virtual tour.


  • Casa Batllo

About this virtual tour I have already written in one of my previous posts, and the tour is everything. I was so happy to find out that they offer virtual tours for their customers.


  • Palau de la Musica

You won’t believe me, but I have never been there. Yes, I know, it is one of the top places to visit here in Barcelona, but somehow I didn’t find time to go there. Now, as I have more time to think, and I know that firstly we will be able to travel only within the city, I rewritten my bucket list of places to visit. And Palau de la Musica is on the top of the list.


  • Museu Nacional d´Art de Catalunya

I visited this museum once, and enjoyed our visit there. So many beautiful arts you can find here, and so many famous artists. So happy to find their virtual tour.

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Final thoughts:

  • Camp Nou

For football fans, yes, Camp Nou offers virtual tours as well. I am not such a big fan, but thought that it would be interesting to share here the link to it.


  • Park Guell

Park Guell is no doubt another must-see place in the city. When I have time to go there with kids, I always go. The vivid energy and happiness of the people is clearly seen here. The park is huge, the views are spectacular. It is certainly the diamond of this city.


  • La Pedrera

Do you remember our visit here? If it is still not enough, I propose you visit their own virtual tour inside. Amazing pictures by the way, and showing all the best of this authentic architecture.


  • Santa Maria del Mar Barcelona

I haven’t visited this place either, but I just have written on my list, to visit it, once we can move through Barcelona city. Enjoy the tour.


  • Museu Nacional

Another museum to offer virtual tours for fine arts lovers. It is easy to go from one piece of art to another and to find the history behind every piece.


I hope this post will bring you happiness, and you will consider to travel again to this beautiful city of Barcelona.


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