Sardinia – ultimate guide for a Family Holiday

Wild, unpredictable, but always stunning is the Italian island – Sardinia. It was our second time this year when we have visited Italy. Even if, Sardinia is one of top summer destinations, it doesn’t mean that it is less precious in spring. Our one week holiday in March on Sardinia remained in our hearts as one of the best family holidays.The countryside is ablaze with color and the warm, sunny weather is ideal for touring. Accommodation prices are also very reasonable and, outside of the main centers, there are few tourists around.


Flights. We bought flights few months earlier in one of the promotion that offered the airline company. So, the price were very cheap, we paid 25EUR per pers a return ticket. Avg price to Cagliari from Barcelona is 30-45EUR per person one way.

Hotels. As mentioned previously, the best part of taking holidays in spring is the price for accommodation. Being a top destination, the prices in high season for hotels are quite expensive. We thought to take an apartment, just because of the kitchen and the way we need to prepare something quickly for both our kids. We took the apartment on airbnb, and it was great. 30EUR per night, I think a very cheap price for an entire apartment.

Car. We always take car at the airport. And from this holiday, we learned one thing. All things have to be booked in advance. Only one company had cars, and all of their cars were quite small for our family. Apart of this, you can’t negotiate the price or to have the option to choose something better for same price. At the end we took a Fiat Punto and went to our apartment in Tertenia. 210 EUR the car for our stay in Sardinia. At the end not so expensive as we thought it would be.

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Our first day was getting to the final destination in Sardinia, Tertenia. There we had our super large apartment. Tertenia is in the middle of the East coast of the island. When we took the apartment we thought that we will visit the north of the island and the south. And in this way it will be easier to see all the island.

On the second day we went to Olbia, making our first stop at Arbatax, then Nuoro and at the end Olbia. What to say, on this day we understood how big is the island. To get to Olbia took us 3 hours ride, and back the same. Both of the kids were amazingly quiet, what surprised us a lot. And we thought, that it will be our unique visit to the North. As the way is too long and it is too much to ride to get to the North of the island and to visit it properly.

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Arbatax amazed us with it’s beaches, stunning views over the sea and landscape. Olbia is an oasis for flamingo, and it is very close to Costa Esmeralda, the most visited coast of the North.

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Our real holiday began at the third day of our stay. It was the best day of our stay, because we had a private tour through the Grotte Is Zuddas caves, and tour to the best beaches at the South. Thanks to Bitan tour we had a really amazing day and we could enjoy at 100% the day at this amazing island. The best way to discover a new place is to have a personal guide, local guide who knows all the wonderful places to visit for a tourist.


After the tour we went on our own and discovered Pula, a town which had a long history behind. Here I would like to say that Sardinia’s history includes influences from Roman, Arabic and Spanish settlers. Pula owns the oldest village Nora, where Roman ruins are found in a dramatic setting at Tharros, near Oristano. It was too late when we got there and it remained half an hour till they close, and we didn’t dare to enter. We took a walk around the place and enjoyed a stunning sunset.

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On the next day we had a lot of energy to continue to discover the island. We went to Costa Rei, Cala Sinzias, Villasimius, Solanas and Quartu Sant’Elena and discovered gorgeous beaches, that we couldn’t believe that such a beauty can exists. Beaches were small, tranquil, turquoise waters and a very fine sand at every beach we have visited.

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A great reward of this day was a stop at Maneggio Tanka, they organize outdoor activities on horseback. We haven’t participate in such activity because kids are too small for it. Damian went spellbound when he saw so many beautiful horses.

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Our last day we dedicated for Cagliari only. We decided to explore the city on our last day, because it was near the airport and it was easier to get at the final point. After a perfect breakfast at a Macdonalds with sea view, we went to explore Cagliari. Kids were tired and not so keen to discover new places. So, we just left our car in the city center and walked on tiny streets till we got to the Cathedral. Just after Cathedral, there is a place where you can have some breathtaking views over the city. Picture-perfect place for travelers.

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