Things to do in Bilbao, Basque Country.

As I mentioned in my previous article about our trip to Basque Country, it was my dream trip for more than a year. It is true, that I imagined this trip a little bit different and with more destinations, but it was great as well. 

What I have to say is that I am fascinated with the Basque Country and already planning in detail my next trip there.

More about Bilbao

Bilbao is one of the biggest cities of Basque Country, and it is a port city. But it has much more than business there. 

The city itself is small, but there are lots of points of interest in Bilbao. You can come there for 1 day, as we did, or for a longer stay. In both cases you will be right. The difference will be to go slower or faster on the route.

Bilbao is located in Northern Spain, and its proximity to the Bay of Biscay gives it oceanic climate. Rain is common throughout the year. When I said in a loud voice, that it doesn’t matter the weather I will have there, only not rain, my colleagues were laughing as they knew more than me about it.

Why you should visit Bilbao

Guggenheim Museum and the old parts of the town are the top points of interest to be visited while in Bilbao.

We arrived to the old town, and went walking. Travelling around the city is easy. There is a metro system in the city, but I don’t think it’s necessary to use it all. 

The first thing that caught my attention was the language. I knew that all would be written in Euskara language (as in Catalonia), but I don’t know why, I got surprised. Euskara language of the Basque Country is completely unrelated to any other Indo-European languages. The culture here is different from that of the rest of Spain, which probably owes to the geography of the region, with its mountains and green rolling hills. I was mainly surprised that there were no Spanish translation on many signals, and the language is really different.

The architecture in the city is very different from the rest of Spain we visited, especially in the old quarter. 

The recently built Guggenheim Museum and Zubizuri Bridge have provided Bilbao with a more modernist flavour. Guggenheim Museum is considered one of the largest museum in Spain.  

Things to do in Bilbao

Casco Viejo (old town)

Bilbao’s Casco Viejo is a part of the city that you must visit! We were on Sunday in Bilbao, and maybe because of that, we saw many local people hanging out of bars, there was a nice atmosphere about the place.

The architecture here is incredible, every house is an individual art.

It’s traditional in style, with narrow streets and quirky shops and restaurants. There’s also the great Plaza Nueva, which you should visit as well.

Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum is the symbol of Bilbao, wherever you write Bilbao, you will see this typical building. Kids till 12 years enter free, and adults for €13. We almost entered the museum, but kids, were asking us not to go, and we didn’t want to go inside and run on the negotiations for the rest of the day.

Mount Artxanda

It is a funicular that is going to the top and you see Bilbao from above. We haven’t been there either.

The views from here are incredible, as we saw on the internet.

San Memes Stadium

We are not football fans, but if you do, then it is a must place for you as well.

The stadium has recently been rebuilt.


Zubizuri is Euskara for White Bridge, and the bridge that spans the Nervion River in Bilbao is an impressive sight. Completed in 1997, it has a curved walkway which is rather unusual. We saw it from the car.

Final thoughts.

Bilbao is a small city, but there are still lots of things to do.From old and modern architecture to local cuisine. You will enjoy this Spanish city a lot.



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