Top 5 beaches for kids in Menorca.

I know, that I told you previously that in Menorca are 99 beaches. And believe me, in 5 days it is almost impossible to visit all of these. It is a great reason to come back and enjoy other beaches.

Today as a mum of 2 kids, 5 and 2 years old, I want to share the top 5 beaches we enjoyed with them. And will tell you why, specifically I choose those.

1. Cala Blanca

This beach, was very close to our apartments. It is small, picturesque beach with fine white sand. The water is so crystalline that it seems you are inside a pool. Cala Blanca is small enough, and there are not so many people coming. The water is not so deep, so our kids had almost 10m to enjoy the water by themselves. We had too look after and that is it.

2. Cala Galdana

The beach Cala Galdana is one of our favorites. Comparing with Cala Blanca, it is large enough, and I suppose in summer time, there are lots of tourists. Event though, because it is not so deep, and the water is crystalline kids enjoy the beach a lot.

It is a perfect place for snorkeling and there is no need to go to far away.

3. Santo Tomas beach

Large beach, a little bit rocky, backed with hills. It is easy to get to Santo Tomas beach by car, as the parking lots are like 20m away of the beach. Perfect for families with kids.

The water has its’ special kind of blue, that is crystalline as well. The waves are little enough, and make the stay even more enjoyable.

4. Cala Binidali

Cala Binidalí is a small cove close to Mahon. The beach has fine sand, clear blue water and a beautiful natural environment. It has spectacular views over the sea, and the beach is small enough to enjoy it with kids.

5. Punta Prima

One of the beaches that has a large beach, with views over the Isla del Aire. It stands close to the airport and it is very populated. The village has lots of restaurants and supermarkets, where you can take a break and enjoy the view. The beach of fine white sand has plenty of space for everyone.

Lots of kids we saw on this beach.

If you will take time to look for all these beaches on the map, you will find out that all stand in the southern part of the island. The reason is simple, and the deepness of water of each beach. In the North, the beaches are spectacular but deeper. And in the Northern part it is more windy than in the South. Hope my tips will help you to enjoy the spectacular island of Menorca.

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