5 facts about Lillehammer, Norway. Family 1 day adventure.

Welcome to Lillehammer. A city that is well known for hosting Winter Olympics in 1994 and the Netflix series Lilyhammer. It is about 2-2,5h drive from Oslo. Norway is so beautiful everywhere you go, that I think it was for the first time when we didn’t feel tired after 2h drive. We were amazed of the beautiful sceneries throughout all the way.

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On our way there we went through Gjovik and on return decided to go through Hamar, and enjoy the lake and the picturesque fields from both sides.

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Some amazing facts about Lillehammer and our trip:

  1. We have never seen so many Tesla cars as we did in Norway, and on our way to Lillehammer.
  2. Lillehammer overlooks the lake Mjøsa, the biggest lake of Norway. If you go on the top of any hill, you would see a very lovely scenery of lake and mountains… fairytale.
  3. The town is not so big, but is rich in museums, open-air and Olympics oriented.
  4. Many of the Olympic arenas are still in use and open to visitors. We went to visit one of those, but were stopped because of a competition. Sportsmen make use of special summer ski. Imagine long rollerblades maybe 60cm to the front and almost 15cm to the back and a wheel at the back and front nothing in the middle.It was our first time ever to see something like this. People, do really prepares for winter season.
  5. In Lillehammer are most beautifully preserved late 19th-century wooden houses.

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As I told you previously, we went different way on our way back home. We enjoyed the lake Mjøsa from both sides, and the fields. We even made stops to take some beautiful pictures.

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