Farm Experience in Norway. Discover Norway with kids.

The best way, for Millennials like us, to really learn about a place, is to live like the locals do. Thanks to our hosts in Norway, we had the unique opportunity to live like a local… we had a farm experience in Norway.

farm norway

Almost, all the time, during our travels, we find it difficult to experience the culture of a country in only 3 or 4 days. Sometimes, we moved so quickly through a place that we ended up only grazing the surface. And that unique times, like this one, we were fortunate enough to find ourselves planted in that place, and foster an immersive experience.

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Our hosts live in a house just next to the farm. Even though, the house itself seems little compared with other ones we saw, there were a plenty of space inside. The kitchen, living room and bedrooms, were split perfectly that both our families felt great in terms of space. Kids had a lot of space to play and scream, and run, and dance and so on… you know all the stuff the kids do when they are already 4. The interior decor is very common to a Norge houses. It was lovely to watch the sunrise and sunset views from big windows of a house, bigger than in Barcelona.

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Our 6 days stay on a farm, was like, OMG, I can’t believe it. Our host Grigore, who works there, shared with us all his knowledge about the farm activities, about his work, and that feeling of always be ready to help the animals who grow up there. An experience, that is hard to describe with words.

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In the first day, we went there to discover the cows of the farm. Both kids were afraid at the beginning, and it was fun. They love animals, but only watching these in the books, or cartoons. Me and my husband didn’t expect such a reaction. Even though, after half an hour or more, both Damian and Marc, began to have a bigger interest to the cows. They even feed, touched and made some beautiful shots with cows. Mission completed successful. 🙂

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Other days, in the evenings, kids were jumping and playing outside, just behind the house. It was for the first time, from my motherhood, when my kid was playing outside, me inside, and I didn’t have to look out for him. Living in a big city, like Barcelona, made me very protective. I am very used to stay close to my kids everywhere, in the parks, at the grocery, at the beach, I think you know what I mean, all the time during our stays outside of the apartment. From our farm experience in Norway, I understood, the positive part of living in a farm with kids. Kids are spending much more time outside then inside of the house. It is just amazing.

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Another great point of living in a farm, or travel and live 6 days in a farm, is sleeping. I can’t remember my last time to sleep as well, and as long as we did there. Even though, we slept the same hours, as we use daily, we woke up fresh and relaxed. And believe me, after 2 full days of walking through the Oslo, we rest a lot. During our stay there, we also, saw that our little son, can sleep 9h without waking up through the night. He beated all the records.

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Overall, a great experience for us and our kids. I believe we could enjoy more and more similar experiences in our future travels.

Many thanks to Grigore and Marina and for their lovely kids, for making our farm experience in Norway, one of the best experience during our travels.

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