Exploring Kyoto’s Old Town: A Family Adventure

Our first day in Kyoto was an unforgettable journey through the city’s historic old town, where we embarked on a quest to discover the charm and beauty of its ancient streets with our two kids in tow. Despite the unexpected rain, our spirits remained undampened as we set out to explore the iconic landmarks and hidden gems that Kyoto has to offer.

Aiming for the Iconic Yasaka Pagoda

Our first stop in Kyoto took us to the old town, where we set our sights on capturing a photo at the iconic Yasaka Pagoda. Located in the picturesque Higashiyama district, this towering pagoda stands proudly at Hokanji Temple, adding a touch of charm to the eastern part of the city. Despite the rain pouring down upon our arrival, we were undeterred in our quest to capture this famous landmark on camera.

A Rainy Day Adventure

As luck would have it, Dumitru made a quick decision to purchase umbrellas for our visit, anticipating the rain that greeted us upon arrival. Surprisingly, we didn’t end up needing them, but we were grateful for the foresight as we ventured through the historic streets of Higashiyama, capturing some unforgettable photos and videos along the way.

Day and Night: A Tale of Two Experiences

Our exploration of the old town didn’t end with our daytime visit. Determined to experience the magic of Kyoto at different times of day, we returned to the Higashiyama district twice more – once in the evening and once again during the day.

Evening Enchantment

Venturing out in the evening offered a different perspective of the old town, with fewer tourists crowding the streets and the enchanting glow of traditional lanterns illuminating the historic buildings. While the shops were closed, we reveled in the opportunity to capture the beauty of Kyoto’s old town without the hustle and bustle of daytime crowds.

Morning Bustle

Returning to the Higashiyama district in the morning, we found ourselves immersed in a bustling scene, with shops open for business and locals and tourists alike bustling about the streets. We were delighted to stumble upon two amazing Totoro-themed shops, adding an unexpected touch of whimsy to our morning adventures.

The Ultimate Experience: Morning and Evening

In the end, we couldn’t decide which time of day we enjoyed most in Kyoto’s old town. Each offered its own unique charm and ambiance, from the quiet enchantment of the evening to the lively bustle of the morning. If you have the time, we highly recommend experiencing both for a truly complete exploration of Kyoto’s historic heart.

In conclusion, our first day in Kyoto was a whirlwind adventure through the city’s old town, filled with unexpected surprises and unforgettable moments. From capturing photos at the iconic Yasaka Pagoda to exploring the historic streets of Higashiyama, it was a day we’ll cherish forever as a family.


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