Frigiliana with kids. Beautiful white village of Malaga region.

On the day we visited Frigiliana we had lots of plans. We visited Nerja caves and Nerja village. The time was not our friend at all in that day, so we could almost lose our visit to Frigiliana. Only, because we thought on taking a taxi, we ended up visiting this pretty village.

I am really happy that we did it and enjoyed our time in Frigiliana. Frigiliana is considered to be the prettiest village in Andalusia. Wandering through the cobblestone streets, it is easy to see why this village has been voted the “prettiest village in Malaga” by the Spanish tourism authority.

How we got to Frigiliana?

As mentioned in my previous post, we took a taxi from Nerja caves, due to lack of public transport on the time we went out of the caves. In any case, the easiest way is to go to Nerja village, and then to take a bus. Buses run every 1,5h. As well, I advise you to rent a car, and to enjoy more white villages than we do.

Malaga region itself is scattered with charming Pueblos Blancos (White Villages), Frigiliana is one of those. This hillside village in the Costa del Sol is a picturesque labyrinth of cobble-stoned streets and white-washed houses with splashes of blue and purple accents.

I would say that this village is not that kind of place where you have ¨to do¨ list, it is just about strolling through its narrow streets and enjoy the hard work did by locals. And how they made this place one that is taking your breath away.

Frigiliana have two important neighborhoods not to miss: Mudejar and Reales Positos. The Mudejar neighborhood is the older quarters of the city and is where we found the moorish architecture which makes this village so remarkable. To get to the Mudejar neighborhood we had to step well the streets up. It is worth doing it, as once you get to the top, some spectacular views are opening.

The Reales Positos is considered to be the center of the village. This is the only street within the Mudejar neighborhood that is accessible to cars, yet receives plenty of foot traffic. Along this street is the town hall and church square as well as plenty of small shops.

About the views, you know we love those from above. So, when a local man recommended us to go to Vista Panoramica, we just said, we have to be there. Calle del Penon is the street leading to Vista Panoramica. This street is extremely photogenic as it captures the beautiful designs on the cobblestone and plenty of white washed houses.

Vista Panoramica offers an incredible view of the village, mountains and the sea in the distance.  This viewpoint is a post-card worthy view, with the rooftops and whitewashed houses below.

After having some fun at Vista Panoramica, we went to the San Antonio Church. The church is located in Plaza de la Iglesia. We entered it, and enjoyed some quiet time inside. On our way back to the city center we went on Calle Zacatin. A beautiful street lined with potted plants which makes it extra photo worthy.

On our way back to Nerja city, we obviously stopped at the playground. It was great, the playground is just next to the bus station, what made a pretty easy time to wait for our bus.


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