15 places to visit in Spain.

Happy April everyone! I know it may not be so happy, as almost all of us are locked down, and many of our other loved ones are going through really hard times due to this virus.

I know, these times of uncertainty, make us stay at home, and not to dream of going to any destination further than our hometown. But, here comes a big BUT, we still can dream from our sofa, and virtually go and visit those beautiful places that we always dreamt to visit.

I invite you to make a virtual tour through the 15 most beautiful Spanish cities, where you can enjoy the beauty of centuries and the warmth of kind people throughout the country.

15 places to visit in Spain.


You know, we live in Barcelona, and it is obvious that I begin my bucket list with this city. And not only because I live here, but also because every travel blogger will tell you that this cosmopolitan city is a must-see city in Spain. I always say, that if you want to discover all the city, then you need at least 4 days for it. And if you have an express visit, then I have a special post for those who come 24h only to Barcelona.

Barcelona is all about the unique Modernist architectural landmarks here: Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, Casa Batllo, Casa Mila and so much more. As well, if you come for less time, then I will really advise you to take a hop on, hop off bus. It is the best way to enjoy gorgeous Barcelona.

There are 10 distinct neighborhoods in Barcelona, each with its own personality, so you’ll have to choose where to explore. The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona’s historic Old City is everyone’s favorite for tapas bar hopping and an evening stroll after dark.

Just don´t miss visiting this city once you come to Spain.


Moving next, another beautiful city to explore in Spain is Girona. I chose it as a second place, because of the proximity to Barcelona. And I think it is always great to visit a city that has Medieval roots still preserved. As well, for GOT fans, you just have to come and explore the most famous stairs of it.

As well Girona is very famous for its rivers, bridges and really brightly-colored houses.


Valencia is a big city, and many times I compare it with Madrid or Barcelona. The city is full of beautiful architecture having unique landmarks, has a seashore where you can enjoy the beach time, and at the same time is smaller than cosmopolitan cities like Madrid or Barcelona. So you can easily explore the city walking from one place to another.

Valencia´s old town streets, squares and Cathedral are something that you simply cannot miss while visiting this city. Take a stroll through the beautiful gardens and parks. And don’t forget to enjoy your visit to Oceanografico with your kids. 


Madrid is the capital of the country, and obviously it has a very beautiful architecture, many famous museums and a huge park, el Retiro Park, where you can stroll hours with your kids, and all of your family will enjoy the walk. As you can understand, Madrid is a cosmopolitan city, and it is huge, but if you prepare well for your visit, you will have lots of fun.


Granada is a very special destination. I knew that it is a beautiful destination, but after I visited it I understood how charming it is. Having a great history, it crosses many different cultures, and every culture left something great behind. Granada granted UNESCO World Heritage Status. Apart from the beautiful part of Albayzin, Cathedral and old town street, you just have to visit Alhambra Palace.

Alhambra is the one thing you cannot miss on a trip to Granada. The Alhambra is a whole complex of buildings and gardens, many of which can only be visited once. Be sure that you buy a complete ticket with all the buildings and gardens included.


Nerja is well known for its clean beaches, and pure turquoise waters. As well we visited Nerja Caves, and it was a must-see experience. Don´t forget to have spectacular views of the sea and other white towns from El Balcon Europa.

Nerja, a former sleepy fishing village, became a summer hot spot for many tourists. I would say British and Spanish are the most, but obviously there are many nationalities who love the region. And I know, what attracts them the most, narrow streets, whitewashed houses, Spanish style balconies, incredible sea views, countless beaches, rocky caves all surrounded by the Sierra de Almijara mountain range.


Andalusia is well known for its beautiful ¨white villages¨. One of those white villages is Frigiliana. Frigiliana is close to Nerja, and it is a perfect way to enjoy both towns in a day. This hillside village in the Costa del Sol is a picturesque labyrinth of cobble-stoned streets and white-washed houses with splashes of blue and purple accents.


Cordoba was an important Roman city and a major Islamic center in the Middle Ages. It’s best known for La Mezquita, an immense mosque dating from 784 A.D., featuring a column of prayer hall and older Byzantine mosaics. We still haven’t visited Cordoba, but it is on our bucket list for this year. I look positive and really hope to have another Andalusian route during this year.


Ronda is a mountaintop city in Spain’s Malaga province that’s set dramatically above a deep gorge. This gorge (El Tajo) separates the city’s circa-15th-century new town from its old town, dating to Moorish rule. Puente Nuevo, a stone bridge spanning the gorge, has a lookout offering views. New town’s Plaza de Toros, a legendary 18th-century bullring, is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. 

Spectacular Ronda is built over a stunning gorge complete with a waterfall at the bottom. As you approach Ronda by car, it will seem flat. It’s only once you cross the bridge and look back that you’ll gasp at the sheer drop into the canyon.It is another village we have to visit on our future route through Andalusia.


Plaza España and all the old town villages are a must-see place. It will be our third city to visit during our future Andalusian route. Major landmarks include the ornate Alcázar castle complex, built during the Moorish Almohad dynasty, and the 18th-century Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza bullring. The palace, designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in the late 1980s, is still today an official residence of the King and Queen of Spain. Also, Sevilla is home to all things flamenco, so whatever you do make a point to see a flamenco dance performance.


Bilbao is one of the biggest cities in Basque Country, and all the industry is based here. The perfect way to discover it is walking and enjoying the architecture. The famous place to visit in Bilbao is of course the Guggenheim Museum. The smooth lines of the building draw the skyline of the city. We enjoyed Basque Country during our last Christmas holidays, and it was an unbelievable experience.


Hondarribia is a real vacation spot, and I can firmly say that this village is the most beautiful in Basque Country. The old city center is still surrounded by a city wall, with drawbridge and everything. Towards the water you will find all sorts of colorful wooden houses with balconies.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is a small island that is connected to the mainland by a bridge. On this Basque island is a recluse that dates back to the 9th or 10th century. Gaztelugatxe in Basque means Tremendous Castle. GOT fans you must-see this place and walk till the Castle, and feel the beauty of this land.

San Sebastian

Donostia (San Sebastián) has been one of the chicest seaside towns in Spain since the 19th century when the Spanish nobles started to enjoy the beautiful bay and its beaches. Before visiting this city, almost all my colleagues told me that I just have to visit this city and its´ beautiful architecture.


The landmarks of Zumaia are unbelievable, and the sunsets are so impressive, that I cannot show it through the words, only in pictures.

San Telmo is actually not a place, is a church on the top of the hill, but what a hill. The scenic views of cliffs, beaches and the church, made us feel very special to get to such an amazing place.

So, ready to go? Now it’s time to stay safe at home, and then we will have all our time to travel to these amazing places. 


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