L’Escamarla Restaurant, Platja Bogatell, Barcelona – review

Where to enjoy some Mediterranean food with kids in Barcelona? It is Saturday, we stay at home, no plans to travel in the future weeks. We love so much strolling and enjoying the city. Beachfront walks are amazing in November, if it is sunny and not windy. Today was just a perfect day for a walk with kids, and enjoy some sea views.

After a pleasant walk, we went to L’Escamarla Restaurant in Platja Bogatell. L’Escamarla Restaurant is in a good location, facing the sea. And it is in the Platja Bogatell, almost on the border with famous Barceloneta beach. The best of it, is that you enjoy the seashore, and you are not in the middle of crowds of Barceloneta. At Platja Bogatell you will find more locals than tourists.

We went at 1pm, and there were few people enjoying their meal, but in less than 30 minutes after we entered, the restaurant got very busy. A young lady greeted us, and quickly seated us at a very nice place, where we could enjoy the meal and sea views.

As it was our first time to visit this restaurant, we asked for help on choosing from the menu. We know that here in Barcelona, every restaurant has its ́ own crown dish that is famous. Of course, you can go with your choice and it can be great, but our advice is always to ask the waiter.

Hector helped us with the choice and we had amazing bread with tomato, croquetas, mussels and paella de marisco. The staff was very quick, we waited a very few time to get our dishes and enjoy our lunch.

First came bread with tomato. Best Pan con Tomate so far – bread very thin and grilled, not toasted, to that perfect stage of crispness. Kids told it was pizza, indeed it was so tasty, almost like a little pizza. 

Then we had croquetas, Damian liked croquetas, he ate more pieces than any of us :). Interesting fact, is that he usually doesn’t eat those.

And mussels were another entry food we had. Fresh grilled mussels were just excellent, then we soak up some bread, yummy. I love so much mussels, that I would say it is my preferred dish ever.

So, after having these amazing entries, there came paella de marisco (seafood paella). Kids do not enjoy the seafood from paella, but they enjoy the rice a lot. It was the first time I ate paella with so much seafood there. Not kidding at all, but it was difficult to find only rice without getting at least 1 piece of seafood.

Since they specialize in paella, it was amazing. It has the flavors and taste much better than we expected.

Overall thought.

Sitting in the sun, overlooking the beach in almost winter day, looking to the people strolling and bicycling it is just priceless. The restaurant was very busy, but the staff did their best to give us the best service, quick and qualitative. L’Escamarla is undoubtedly recommended by us. Follow my blog with Bloglovin


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