5 tips for travelling in a car with a toddler. Blois – central France

This weekend I thought to write about our experience of travelling in a car with a toddler for 9 hours. We went to Blois a lovely city in France, 900km from Barcelona. I propose you 5 travelling tips, that will help you to have a nice trip in your car.


5 tips for travelling in a car with a toddler:

  1. Pack the car before you put your toddler in the car, and prepare child seat accordingly. To help your kid relax during the trip and have enough space to feel free. Here it is important to dress them well, and properly to the weather you travel.
  2. Pack essential items to be easy to get during the trip. Bottles of water, wet-wipes, tissues, and some toys to play.
  3. On long trips, as ours was, consider travelling through the night or early in the morning. When your toddler is more likely to sleep during the journey.
  4. Pack with healthy snacks. Even if they are not hungry, they feel bored and need some distractions during the trip. Keep a special bag for rubbish after eating snacks.
  5. Stop at service stations or rest areas every two or three hours. Let the kid stretch his legs and go to the toilet. This advice is more if you travel on a highway. 

After a 9 hours drive we finally get to our final destination Blois. A lovely place situated 900km from Barcelona and 200km from Paris. We were tired and our main reason was to spend the time with friends and not as much as to visit the city. Due to few time we had, we managed to see some of the city center parks, and go by car to Le Château du Clos Lucé – Parc Leonardo da Vinci.

Blois historically was the residence place of kings: Francisco I, Francisco II, Enrique III. We took a walk through the central parks, and walking by Hôtel de Ville, we saw a famous monument of Jeanne d’Arc. From these gardens, opens a gorgeous view over the city and the river that pass by the city.

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Leonardo da Vinci park impressed us with the beautiful gardens, great inventions of Leonardo da Vinci from that time, and gorgeous house of him.

blois9 blois10 blois11 blois12 blois13 blois14 blois15 blois16 blois17 blois18 blois19 blois20


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