How to move around in Barcelona?

Every day we receive at least 1 message, of where is the best to go in Barcelona. The things to do, where to eat, and many many questions, that I even don´t remember those. It is true, that about the places, I really try to cover all the best tips in the posts I post about Barcelona. And when I do not have time, I am sharing the posts, where I explain all in details.

I still miss articles about food, and transport in Barcelona. But, today I decided to share with you different ways to move around Barcelona and to get to all the best places.

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We travelled a lot around and I can firmly say, that Barcelona has one of the best public transport systems in Europe. It is fast and easy to get to the main touristic places. And as you could see in my previous post, the city is really walkable and easy to explore.

Even if you will plan to stay in the city center, I mean in the Old Town, I am sure you would love to go out and to get around. So, within all the questions we received, where how is the fastest way to get to that main point. Then, if the taxi is affordable, and if it is ok to use it.

Here I want to say, it is really up to you. I will share all the ways, and you will decide.

  1. Public transport (metro, tram, train or bus) in Barcelona.

You have any type of transportation to choose from. There are different tickets, it is up to you which one to choose.

Hola BCN!, passes for 2,3,4 and 5 days. These passes include the price for circulation during 2, 3, 4 or 5 days without limit in any combination of metro, bus, train and tram operated by TMB, Renfe and FGC. The ticket include the price from and to the BCN Airport. And those tickets are specially created for tourists who came for a few days to Barcelona

Then, there is another option of a T10 pass that can be easily bought from a ticket machine. Usually, locals buy such tickets. The T10 pass costs 10.20 EUR, but you will need to buy additional ticket if you need to get to Airport, and the cost is 4,90EUR.

The tickets you purchase are valid for the metro, tram as well as the train, and you can change those within 1h15min without paying additional ride.

More details about metro:

The Barcelona metro operates daily starting from as early as 5.00 am. On Friday night the metro runs until 2 am. And from Saturday night to Sunday, the metro operates all night long. This is very convenient.

Here are the opening times for the metro:

Weekdays (Monday to Thursday): until midnight.
Fridays and public holidays: until 2.00 am at night
Saturdays: runs all night
Sundays and public holidays during the week until midnight
There is always a special schedule for events and festivities in the city.

More details about buses:

Here are buses that run during the day and during the night. During the night are less lines, but those cover a bigger part of the city.

We love bus more than metro, because you can enjoy the city while travelling from one point to another.

Important information not to miss: in the bus you can only buy 1 way ticket, and this one cannot be used in other transport. And you cannot buy a 10 ride ticket or any of Hola BCN tickets.

In the case of the bus, it is safer than metro and cleaner.

Check out the schedule on the official website for more info.

As in any other touristy city, be aware of thieves, and be careful with your belongings. Even if, you think you look like a local, it is not true.

Public transport is the cheapest and fastest way to move around Barcelona

  1. Sightseeing bus in Barcelona.

Such busses are also known as ´Hop On Hop Off Bus´. And I am sure, in any city you travelled, you saw such ones. We travelled only once, and it was in London city. I am sure, these buses are really popular within travellers who love to travel to the city and not to cary on the lists. They know, these buses will show you the best part of the city.

There are different routes to take around the city and you can hop on and hop off as many times as you want. Obviously, they cover all the major tourist attractions like Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Camp Nou, Ramblas and so on.

You can buy your tickets online or at Plaza Catalunya there are several points where you can get your tickets. Prices begin from 30EUR per person. I find it quite expensive. But it is a great option for those who want to enjoy a lot in very few time.

  1. Scooter in Barcelona.

Renting a scooter is quite cheap and affordable. The best part of a scooter, is that you can park almost everywhere around the city. You can go to the beach, hit the city afterwards, and visit the city in no time.

There are several apps that offer quite easy to rent your scooter, or if not, there are also companies who rent those. The commonly known in the city is ecooltra app.

The best of renting a scooter, is that you get fast from one point to another. You can have a lot of fun riding the little streets of Barcelona. And there are lots of free parkings. It is important than you do not leave wherever you want the scooter, only on specially marked places.

4. Touring with a bike in Barcelona.

We love bicycles. Every day we go to work on a bike, and believe it is such a cool experience.

As an ambassador of responsible tourism, I kindly promote this kind of transport in the city, because it is eco-friendly, fast and especially beautiful to cruise along the beach and the Passeig de Colom.

Nowadays it is quite easy to rent your bike in Barcelona. Almost, all the hotels offer this experience to tourists. If not there are lots of companies in the city center, who offer a tour guide with bikes. In this case, you will have a guide as well.

But seriously, a bike is a fab option. It is faster than walking and slower than sitting on a scooter. It is also really safe. As, in the city every time are more and more special bike lanes and you can get almost everywhere.

As well, you can park everywhere you want, but make sure you lock it well. The bike rental provides you a big lock, use it :).

  1. Walk in Barcelona.

Barcelona is very walkable. And, on the first year of living here, I had enough time to walk through the streets and enjoy every moment. Now, when I walk, I love to enjoy the places where hotels are. Working in this field, is interesting enough to see where is that hotel. Local people, love walking, as only in such way, they can find a new restaurant, bar, cafe with new concepts and great feeling.

If you decide to walk, don´t forget to read previously our walking tour through Barcelona.

It is true, that it is time consuming, and by the end of the day you will get really tired. But the effort is worth it.

  1. Car and Parking

We love renting cars during our travels. It is quite expensive, but we move easily with 2 kids. It is true, that we rented cars usually on islands. But in the city, this is not the best option. And in Barcelona neither.

The traffic is always busy, and if it is not busy, the parking is always a problem. Free parking you can only find in residential area. So, be prepared to pay for the parking slots.

I can only advice you to rent a car, if you plan a day trip outside the city. As you, will enjoy it much more with a car.

  1. Taxi

The taxis are quite affordable, compared to European standard rates for Taxis. You can stop a taxi all around the city at all times. We never had any bad experiences with taxis. Actually, quite the opposite. Taxi drivers here are known for being helpful and quite knowledgeable about their city.
You cannot choose to take an UBER or Cabify Taxi in BarcelonaThe best part of it, that is accessible and you can get easily everywhere you want.

The summary of how to move around in Barcelona.

All of the transports have their pros and cons. It is up to you, which one to choose. I think all depends on how long you will stay here and how much you want to spend.

And if you still has any question, do not hesitate to contact us. We always try to get the best tips for your special travel.



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